The Evil Andrew Jackson

Jackson the Zero

Jackson and His Evil Deeds to the Native Americans

During president Andrew Jackson's presidency, He did a lot of bad, evil things to people, one of these being the Indian Removal Act. the reason Jackson passed this was because on Cherokee lands, in the Tennessee area, there was claimed to be gold found; so Jackson decided to pass the Indian Removal Act to take the Cherokee people off of their land so that the American people could have more gold and more agricultural land, which we didn't need. Then when they put this act into action, they forced the Cherokees off of their land and started on what is now called the Trail of Tears. On this trail, more than 4,000 Natives died all because of Jackson. That's 4,000 lives lost just because of one man. The U.S. army led these Natives to their new, cramp home where they'd be neighbors with their most fierce enemies in Oklahoma. This act did not have to happen, but Jackson being the greedy person he was, took the land away from innocent and peaceful people.

Jackson Blackmailing South Carolina

Jackson didn't just do bad things to the Native Americans, he also did bad things to his own American people! He terrorized his own people, especially the people of South Carolina. Starting in 1828, Jackson put new tariffs on imported goods, which made the poor people of the South very upset because they relied on imported goods for the things they needed. The whole South was upset but South Carolina was the first to express their feelings. South Carolina said that either they nullified the tariffs or South Carolina would secede peacefully. But in return for them saying that, Jackson threatened to hang their leader, John C. Calhoun, and also made passed a law that said that Jackson could use the U.S. army to force South Carolina to stay in the Union. So basically what happened was South Carolina asked if those tariffs could be nullified and in return they get threatened by both Jackson himself and Jackson's U.S. army.
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Jackson and the "Spoils System"

Jackson also did one more thing that makes the evil man that he is; he created a system called the "Spoils System" that gave people with no experience, government jobs and took away jobs from people who had a lot of experience in those jobs. Jackson awarded these government jobs to his supporters so that they would always agree with him so he could have all the power. To me, this system almost made him a tyrant because it gave Jackson all the power. So basically he could do whatever he wanted and his supporters, a.k.a his fellow government workers, would pass and create laws that Jackson wanted to be made.
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explanation of the political cartoon

What the cartoon is saying is that Andrew Jackson was a tyrant and like a king because of how much power he had. It almost relates him to King George, the man who we tried to get away from in the American Revolution. It also shows him stomping on the Constitution as almost a way of saying that he didn't care about the Constitution. He also has a veto in his hand that looks like his weapon.
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