No Safety In Numbers

Dayna Lorentz/suspense


"Funny how a guy could completely freak you out, but also be the only one person you trusted."

At first, the novelty of being locked in a mall is the best bad news one could receive. That careless feeling soon got dropped down into the stomachs of the trapped, as the announcement of a bomb got set loose into the Stonecliff mega mall. When action mixes with mystery the 4 main characters embark of their own journeys to freedom. Whether they get trapped by security or trapped in a Bermuda triangle of undying love, escaping seems impossible. Although when faced with conflict, the teens conquer them in all kinds of ways, even if it means hurting others. Only some rise to the occasion, who will you root for?

No Safety In Numbers was a good read because the unexpected love pop ups always tended to keep me interested and the mix of romance and action was a different, unique combination. This book had exactly what I wanted. The only really big problem I had was that couldn't put it down! The characters were all equally as interesting and had quite a bit of history within each of them that was surprisingly easy to catch on to.

What I think this book could've written better was that at some points, the detail was too intense for my brain to handle, and the lead roles of switching characters was a little confusing, as soon as I had gotten to know one character well, it switched to the next and by then I had forgotten all about them. Although as soon as I had the chance to get to know the characters better, it was way easier to interpret.

Overall I think this creative book is a ideal option for any reader. This book really puts you in the shoes of the teens and makes you think as if you were the one in that mall. I would definitely recommend this book to people searching for a romantic novel with a bit of a terrifying twist! Switch the lens in the camera of life and give this amazing book a read, if you enjoy mystery, you wont regret it!


This awesome book was written by the beautiful and extremely talented Dayna Kaufman Lorentz, She was born and raised from Ridgewood, New Jersey. After high school she set off to attend Fordham University, where she received her law degree. Lorentz has an M.F.A in Creative Writing and Literature from Bennington College. Dayna's birthdate is to be remained unknown, but the little chunk of information shared is that she is a pisces! (Feb 20th-March 20) Although Lorentz hasn't won any awards yet, she hopes to in the future. She is an extreme dog lover, one of her other books that went off the charts was the Storm series. Dayna has a mysterious personality which definitely comes to play in all of her exciting books.



Although filled with many nail-biting exciting moments, my first personal favorite is when on a relaxing Saturday morning right after a security situation was discovered and no one thought anything of it, the crackling of the overhead speaker boomed into all stores to let people know that this "security situation" was now confirmed as a bomb. That's when people started demanding answers from the senator. Of course, the senator wanted to keep things under wraps so when that got heard many riots began to strike, they were hard to control and the intensity of some of those sentences made me feel as if i was the one fighting off the crowds rather than being the one reading it.

Just as exciting as the lock down, just as the people were getting comfortable and dealing with the lock down, an illness falls slowly over the people one by one and the craziness started up again, but this time with double the force. As you can imagine, the riots weren't quite enough to stop the senator and her crew, but what didn't come to mind is that while rioting, although the rioters thought they were helping the cause, the sick and the not sick rioted and being so closely packed together, instead of helping the situation, the germs from everyone spread throughout the mall, thus only making the sickness spread which only lead to more problems.


This book definitely created vivid images in my mind, making it easy and interesting to read and keeping me on the edge of my seat with every detailed word. Playing each of their own special parts in the book, I related to the characters and all of their mixed emotions, putting me in the mind of the trapped, they made me feel what they were feeling. I would find myself getting angry for no reason other than the power of the authors words. Unlike most other books, the theme had a couple heartfelt realistic messages behind it. Unless they've proven it, you can't trust anyone, whether or not its because of their personality, or the sickening truth behind their light cough. The mood of the book was dark, disturbing and made me quite thankful that I wasn't in the position of the perfectly normal people, but just got caught in the wrong place wrong time. As a young reader, the setting of a mall obviously was enough to make me interested, but what kept my curiosity was the driving questions that I had about this sickness. I thought to myself, "What could go that wrong when faced with a light cough? It's a fully supplied mall." Boy was I wrong. While reading, the thought of running out of needed resources in a desperate time of need creeped up on my back. The thought chilled me to the bone, and made me sigh in relief when I compared the situations.