Why YOU should come to Minnesota

By: Katie, Ellery, and Lauren

Reasons to come to Minnesota

Minnesota is a Beautiful place with the climate dry and healthy. There are a lot of jobs and there is also great farm land! There is not a lot of sickness going around and land and water is the best around! 20 million acres of land for sale... Doesn't cost anything! Great scenery and awesome fertility! Reviews call it: Beautiful Place, good life, and won't regret coming here! Come here for the best time of your life!

New Territory

Minnesota became a territory because Harriet Bishop opened a school. If you move to Minnesota in hopes of having children, you can send them to a school. Lots of new schools are opening up.

Some of our beautiful scenery

Guaranteed a good Lifestyle


See below for a tour date/s!

Explore Minnesota Tour

Sunday, July 14th 1850 at 8am-8pm

Minnesota, United States


Come to the Capitol Building and we will tour parts of the state of Minnesota!