Mrs. Maloney's Kindergarten News

September 25th


This week the students learned about brainstorming in writing. We learned that brainstorming can help us come up with ideas to write about and help us learn more about a specific topic. We brainstormed many writing ideas and practiced different ways to brainstorm new ideas.

Skills Learned This Week

Language Arts

This week we worked more on asking questions to help us understand our reading and dig deeper into our books. We learned helpful question words and practiced asking questions using those words with the book Splat the Cat: Secret Agent.

Daily 5

This week the students began building stamina during Word Work. We continue to practice our goals, learned the best places to do word work, and the materials we can use. We practiced our stamina while working on beginning consonant word sorts, brainstorming writing ideas, and model magic sight words.


This week we practiced counting by ones and tens to 100! We learned about the hundred chart and how it can help us learn our numbers and find the numbers that come next. We also practiced counting and understanding how to put together and say our numbers past twenty.


This week we learned about the other part that makes up our earth's surface: water! We learned the different forms and how they are the same or different and found them all on a giant map of the U.S.

Social Studies

This week we learned about the symbols of the United States. We learned why they are called symbols and how they are important to our country. We read lots of books and learned many new things.

Hundreds Chart Mystery Pictures

Upcoming Events

Kuiper's Farm Field Trip

Thursday, October 8th

(Permission slips due Monday, September 28th)


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Monday, October 12th

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Friday, October 23rd