Preventing the disease!

The bacteria based STD.

Syphilis is caused by a bacteria called spriochete.It likes warm, moist places and without a suitable environment it will die. it can cause major birth defects in newborn children.


Stage one- Chancre on the penis/vagina. Which is an open sore, but on females it may not be visible because it can be inside the vagina. At first there is no pain or discharge.

Stage two- Rashes form on the feet and hands along with flu like symptoms. Hair loss may also occurred the virus attacks the bodies organs. (If not treated by the end of stage two, death may occur.)

Stage three- Detected only in blood. The bacteria is working internally to kill you.

Stage four- Maybe years after stage two is over. Can cause death, heart disease, blindness and insanity.

Cure or Treatments

A healthy shot of penicillin or a penicillin like antibiotic, should do the trick. Call your doctor!

How can I get it?

Can be transmitted through vaginal, oral or anal sex. It can spread through direct contact with open sores caused by the disease. It can also be passed down from the mother to the fetus.