Superintendent's Update


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Masks Required on School Buses

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As shared on December 15th, masks are still required on school buses due to the federal mandate.

During this past week, CSD, unfortunately, had three drivers removed from service due to the impact of COIVD-19. Across the nation, there is a shortage of bus drivers. The CSD transportation department has done a spectacular job in continuing to provide services despite the challenges we all are facing. As we complete this final week before the holiday break, we are asking all parents/guardians to ensure their student(s) continues to wear their mask while riding on the school bus. Failure to adhere to this mandate could result in the following:

1) Student losing transportation privileges

2) Consolidation in bus routes, and

3) Reduction in bus routes

Please help our transportation team by ensuring your son or daughter follows the mask mandate on school buses so we can protect our drivers and maintain our service levels.

Thank you!

Responding To An Outbreak

As the spread of COVID-19 has increased due to the omicron variant, we have been experiencing an increase in positive cases. Just over the past two days, CSD positive cases for staff have reached double-digit numbers, and the same has occurred with student counts, with CSD having a high of twelve cases in one day for the first time.

Our ultimate goal is to keep students in school and avoid experiencing an outbreak in any of the classrooms or schools. However, if a school is experiencing an outbreak or a rise in cases, a classroom or school may be shifted to a remote/virtual instructional model based upon the following:

5% of students/staff confirmed cases in a 14-day window:

  • Small school (<500 staff & students): 25 cases threshold
  • Medium school (500-900 staff & students): 25-45 case threshold
  • Large school (900+ staff & students): 45+ case threshold


  • Three simultaneous classrooms cases and/or core group outbreaks or when:
  • Contact tracing cannot adequately identify close contacts or be completed in a timely manner

We want to wish everyone a safe and healthy time off as we approach the holiday break.

Student Devices

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As the holiday break approaches, we want to be sure we are prepared to pivot if necessary with our instructional model. As a result, CSD will be issuing elementary school students their technology devices starting today to take home for the holiday break. While we do not expect to have to change our instructional model, out of an abundance of caution, we want to be prepared, given the current state of affairs.