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March 19

Thursday Thoughts from Mrs. Jones

Be Kind. Be Positive. Be Awesome.


We are all trying to process what's happening in our world and it's OKAY! Our kids are absorbing more than we think. As a mom and principal I want to remind ALL of us that there is no perfect "home-school" environment - we are all doing the best we can. Let's focus on experiences. During this time, let's push our students creativity and critical thinking skills.

Let our kids:

  • Read daily (or have the computer read to them)
  • Play!!
  • Watch movies
  • Play!!
  • Explore, Build, Create
  • Play!!

Do you notice a common denominator? Play! Children do learn through play and it's important we take the time we've been given to allow for that. Our Grange Hall teachers have been AMAZING through this and worked in one day to develop two weeks worth of activities to engage students in thinking and learning. You can access those activities here: GHES Learning Resources (these are the items that most families picked up on Monday & Tuesday of this week). In addition, we've included Daily Challenges in our daily communications. It is our goal to provide students and parents with access to multiple modes of learning.

In the meantime, our teachers are working from home to develop instructional plans for the week of March 30 - April 3. Those lessons will be added to our GHES Learning Resources site linked above. If you do not have access to a printer at home and would like paper copies of the instructional materials - please plan to stop by Grange Hall from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm on Tuesday, March 24.

Give our bulldogs a hug and high-five for me!

Stay healthy,

Mrs. Jones

Principal & Lead Learner

Happy Birthday!!

Wishing the following Bulldogs a very Happy Birthday!

March 19

Happy Birthday William Throckmorton, Laura Zheng, and Lucas Zheng!!!

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March 19

Mrs. Sahms - 11:00 am

Mrs. Walter - 7:00 pm

School Counseling Resources

Dear Grange Hall families,

We miss you and hope that everyone is staying healthy both physically and mentally.

Ms. Copp and Mrs. Murray

Luck of the Bulldogs

In the meantime, let's encourage our students and families to help celebrate why we are LUCKY to be Grange Hall Bulldogs! Click this link to share with us why you feel lucky, and your story could be featured on our school social media pages! #GHESProud #LearnGrowLead

Be safe and healthy!

Daily STEAM & Wellness Challenges

Wellness: no technology

Picture This: Lay on a dry surface outside and look up at the clouds. Can you find pictures in the clouds? Maybe a dinosaur or bunny? While you are lying there take in some calming deep breaths and think about how the clouds are moving. Can you move like a cloud? Can you draw what you saw?

STEAM: technology

PBS Newsletter - Parents, would you like to get daily emails with ideas to get your students learning? Sign up for the PBS Newsletter.

Breakout EDU:

Fun and Games - It is time for fun and games. As you go to unlock the door to the closet with all the fun and games inside, it won’t budge. Someone has locked the door! Hurry and unlock the door before the time runs out!

STEAM: non-technology

Go rock hunting in your backyard! Can you compare and sort the rocks you found? Create a graph that shows how you sorted and compared your rocks.

Minute to Win It Family Challenges:

Start a game show with your own family! Minute to Win It is a game where contestants take part in a series of 60-second challenges that use objects that are available around your house. So grab your family, have fun together, and maybe keep score throughout the week!

Shoe Fly Shoe - You get 12 attempts to launch a shoe onto a table. Be sure to make sure your shoe is clean and you clean the table after this challenge!

Donors Choose Projects @ GHES

Are you or do you know someone who is looking for a way to help out our students? Check out the donors choose projects that our teachers and students would like to bring to GHES:

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