The Battle of Kettle Creek

By: Tsaria McMahon

February 14, 1779

The Battle of Kettle Creek, fought February 14, 1779, was one of the most important battles fought n the Revolutionary War in Georgia. At the time Georgia was completely under British control, but that changed. Elijah Clarke and 140 soldiers marched with intention to overtake the Loyalist through Gorilla warfare. Their original plan to ambush them at their campsite failed, and the battle raged on.

The fight went on for three hours before the Loyalist fled. 20 of their men killed, and 22 captured by the Patriots. After the Loyalists' retreat, the Patriots gained much needed horses, guns, ammunition and other supplies needed for the next battle.

With Clarke, fought Nancy Hart, the only female Patriot to fight in that war, and their most successful spy. And also Austin Dabney, the only African American who fought not only for him self, but also got shot in the thigh, while trying to protect another soldier.

Not only was this battle a success, but it also proved that the British didn't have much support in the south. It also gave the Patriots hope during the war.