Osvaldo Molina October 31,2013

Facts about altars

So much has been written, photographed, and reported about this most-Mexican of fiestas that it is difficult to trace all origins of the many adopted features of the "Muertos" altar. Whether constructing an altar in the states of Michoacán, Oaxaca, Puebla or San Luis.Potosí, the visual details beckoning the spirits from Mictlán (the indigenous name for the place of the dead), vary according to the customs of that region.But rather than noting the differences, we find the elements common to all Muertos altars the most-meaningful and compelling. Please join us in discovering the traditional ritual artifacts used in the creation of a Mexican Día de los Muertos altar.


Yaxia was a very close family member.And she died in 2012. she was shot and died.lived in LA.