ARJH Social Studies PLC

2013-2014 PLC Presentation

Team Information

Team Leader: Pam Morgan
Recorder: Adam Pemberton
7th Grade Geography:
Steve Thomas
Tom Watson
Zach Dewoody
8th Grade American History:
Adam Pemberton
Joel Fischer
Pam Morgan
7th and 8th Grade Resource Teacher:
Ethel Gault
Team Leader For 2014-2015: Pam Morgan

Our Plan and Processes:

  • The SS team has been working diligently on data this year. Our department did not receive test scores for the 2012-2013 school years since it was a field test year. Therefore, we have been writing our own benchmarks to correlate with the 2013-2014 OCCT standards. The team has collected data from benchmarks, tests, quizzes, Study Island, exam view, success net and currently we are working on My Big Campus. Once we have collected the data we have been charting the data in our Data Notebooks to see where remediation is needed.
  • Some of the remediation techniques we are using are differentiated learning groups, peer tutoring, shoulder partners, group partners, and individual one on one with the student. We work with the students needing remediation as much as possible in class. More remediation is often required. When it becomes necessary we have mandatory tutoring for the students that require more rigor. Some sources we are using are Study Island, ZAP, Mandatory tutoring, advocacy, one to one, My Big Campus, Success Net.
  • The team has spent many hours working on curriculum and blue prints this year to ensure we are aligned with state and national standards. The History and Geography teachers have worked together on strategies and techniques. However, when it was time for curriculum the team separated into teaching areas. Both History and Geography teachers have worked after hours and on Saturdays to create a mapping guide, write curriculum and go over blue prints. The team is currently working on projects and activities for each standard.
  • The SS department is working toward implementing all OCCS this year. We have mapped out where we are going and are currently working on projects to go along with each objective. We are making sure we are following the new blue print and covering all depths of knowledge with our teaching, questioning and testing. Some of the techniques we have used are close reading, text annotation, text coding, primary and secondary sources. We have incorporated writing into our curriculum using formal styles of writing. We have been working with our students on organizing ideas, concepts, categories, achieving purpose, formatting, graphics, and charts. We have also been working on using precise language and incorporating tier 2 and tier 3 words in their writing.
  • Based on our students daily assignments, test and benchmarks our plan has been successful. Our students have shown an increase in reading and writing skills, as well as improved in benchmark scores. We feel we have given our students as good foundation for a successful future.