Balancing of the Yin and Yang


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Greetings My Beloved Fellow Soul Travelers on the Path,

Each year our Taoist Yogi-Christ Lineage has a nine (9) day annual retreat in South Carolina, which is a journey of transformation guided by Munishwarji Walking Tall, Shankarji Red Hawk Rising (Keith Anderson), Master JAH (Joyce Hilal) and myself, Samyama Flowering Tree. This year our theme is on the Balancing of the Yin and Yang.

It is an auspicious time on our planet to take the Oath of Moderation which happens when the Yin and Yang of a Human Being is in alignment with the State of Moderation of the Milky Way in our Whole Galactic System

I invite you to join us in this Soui Journey to Spiritual Attunement with the God/Goddess of our hearts. If you are moved to join us, Please do! If you are empowered to send this invite to others who might be interested, the honor is Ours.

Much love, Peace and Balance,

Samyama Flowering Tree

Are you ready for....

* An Adventure for the Soul?

* The next step in your Evolution?

* Expansion of Your Relationship with Self and Spirit?

* A Cosmic Union between your YIN and YANG?

The TYCLA Annual Retreat - November 4-12

The Taoist Yogi-Christ LIneage Annual Retreat is one of the most powerful and transformative spiritual experiences offered by our Lineage. Enjoy Nine (9) days of total Bliss as you Journey Into Your Discovery of Self and total Allowance to All That Is.

Experience Transformation of Self in a safe environment, with like minds, hearts and Spirits ... and be free to embrace the magnificence that you already are.

Balancing of the Yin and Yang

This year, our theme is Balancing the Yin and Yang. When we do this, we open to the Cosmic Union between the YIN (Divine Feminine) and the YANG (Divine Masculine) in order to birth the Divine Child within.

Truly understanding this balance cannot be learned through intellectual study. It is more of an experiential practice through The TAO.

To accelerate this union, you will be guided by various experiential practices from The Tao, Group Eastern Guided Imagery, Creative Visualizations and Grounding Processes.

Samyama Flowering Tree

Samyama has 59 years of study in Karttikeyan Yogic Method—an Eastern Guided Form of Imagery and Creative Visualization in Spiritual Astrology. She has been doing Professional Spiritual Astrology Readings since January 31, 1983.

She is Co-Grandmaster and Co-Seer of The Taoist Yogi Christ Lineage International, which has its U.S. headquarters in Charleston, SC, Rochester, NY and Atlanta, Georgia.