The One for Me, Daisy

By. Matthew

The Wedding of the Decade

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Enjoying Time in Europe

Newly married, Daisy and Thomas Buchanan enjoy time in Europe. They are showing off their moves during a active night of festivities. The Newly weds have just come home from their vacation in the tropics, and right away the active couple went for time in Europe. The two haven't stopped moving around since they got married. Who knows the next time we'll get to see our favorite couple come home. New love certainly is full of wonder and energy, as these two express it immensely. It seems like nothing can slow this pair down as they make their way around the world, all while showing us a glimpse of their glamorous lives.

First Car For Our Favorite Couple

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A Rocky Start to The Marriage

Mr. Tom Buchanan crashed Tuesday night on his way home from activities with friends. With him was some young lady by the name of Sara Winston. This young lady received an injury during the incident and had to be taken to the hospital for recovery. Mr. Buchanan hit a wagon during the night, ripping a wheel off of his new car. The reason behind Mr. Buchanan going fifty miles an hour and steering erratically is unknown. Those who questioned him initially didn't think he had been drinking during the night. The loose articles of clothing found in the car and the ground around the car suggests that Mr. Buchanan was enjoying the company of this Santa Barbara Hotel chambermaid a little too much. Mrs. Buchanan denied to give any details on why her husband was out driving in the night with this young lady, but it can be assumed that all is not well in the lives of these two newlyweds.

Say Hello to America's Newest Daughter

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