Video & Audio Recordings

A Guide for Southwest Parke eLearning

Let your students hear from YOU!

Recording your own introduction, teaching video, or assignment directions is a great way to add a personal connection to your eLearning lesson. Students do best when they are hearing from their own teacher. This aspect is encouraged, but not required for Southwest Parke eLearning lessons.

Below are a few of the many tools available for Screencast, Video and Voice Recording

Scroll to the bottom for some great examples of how teachers are including a personal connection!

Audio Only

Online Voice Recorder is a simple tool you can use to quickly create an audio recording online and save it to your computer. From there, you can upload it to Google Drive and add the share link to your eLearning lesson, Google Classroom, or an email.

Webcam & Screencasting Video Tools

Click the icons or use the buttons to enter the self-paced training.


  • A perfect choice when you need to create a short demonstration (less than 5 minutes for the free version).
  • You'll be able to send it to YouTube, Google Drive, Google Classroom, embed it on a website, or download the video file.


  • 5 min limit per video
  • Online recording, so may not work well if you a slow or unreliable internet connection.



  • A great choice when you want to create a quick demonstration that you can easily embed in an email.
  • You'll get notifications when someone watches the video.
  • It can also be uploaded to YouTube

  • YouTube uploads need to have the settings edited to allow our students to watch them.
  • No option to download or send to Google Drive.
  • Online recording, so may not work well if you a slow or unreliable internet connection.



  • No time limit
  • Advanced editing options
  • You'll be able to do just about anything with the resulting file - send to YouTube or Google Drive, or download it, etc.
  • This tool works on your computer itself, so you aren't relying on the internet connection while recording, only when you are ready to upload it.


  • Requires and actual installation on your computer.
  • A little glitchy sometimes.

Getting Your Video or Audio in Your Lesson

So you've made your video/audio recording ... now, how do you get it into your lesson? Here are couple of options...

Upload it to Google Drive

1) Set the share settings to "anyone with the link... can view".

2) Copy the share link

3) Add the share link in your Smore page

This option will open the recording in a new tab. Students will need to close the tab to return to your lesson. This is the only option for audio recordings.

Videos & Audio Files from Google Drive


Upload it to your school YouTube channel (video only)

1) Go to YouTube and sign in with your school Google account.

2) Click the upload button (camera with a +)

  • It will prompt you to set up your channel if you haven't already done so.
  • You can also connect all of the recommended programs to your school YouTube channel (once you've signed in and set it up) so you can upload to YouTube from those programs. If you're doing this with Vidyard, email me so I can tell you about one additional step you should take!

3) Once the video is on YouTube, you can embed it into your Smore Lesson

Click here to learn more about using your YouTube Channel!

**NOTE** YouTube will make you request special permission and "verify" your account to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. This generally isn't a problem to do but can take up to 24 hours to take effect. I generally recommend that you not have videos longer than that for students anyway.
Uploading Videos to Your School YouTube Channel

Sample Personal Connection Videos

Day 1 Quarantine - 3/17/2020
IMG 7209
Mrs. Norris's Elearning Intro
Advanced Tables - ELearning

Rachel Porter

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