~A Code of Honor~

The Southeastern Tribes of Dignity

True Texan Dignity

The native Texans of the Great Plains were warriors. They were not mindless killing machines, not brutal animals. They were warriors, fighters. Native Texans fought with honor, with pride, with dignity. The raging passion that was the Southeastern Tribes of Texas will burn forever in the hearts of those willing to bear the burden of integrity.
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An Army Starts With One Soldier

The Kiowa~Dog Soldiers~The Loyal, The Brave

The Kiowa were among three tribes honored with the title of 'Warrior'.

The Apache~The Buffalo Chasers~The Quick, The Intelligent

The Apache were among the warriors of the southeast.

The Comanche~The Falcons~The Swift, The Fierce, The Fire

The Comanche were the most famous of the three warrior tribes.
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The Sum of The Parts

Chasing The Sun

The Southeastern Indian tribes chased the buffalo in a nomadic fashion, forever moving, shifting, forever chasing the sun. The Southeastern tribes hunted the buffalo and gathered herbs.

Home is Where The Heart Is...Even On The Wide Open Prairie

The Southeastern tribes were nomads, living in teepees made of buffalo skins that could be easily moved. The Great Plains were home to the warriors, the soldiers, the honorable.
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Was It Just Glorified Dress-Up?

The hide of the buffalo, the life of the people, and the hide of deer made clothing for the tribes. Often, the clothing was decorated with feathers. The warriors were often decorated with face and body paint.

All As One, One Voice For Us All

The southeastern tribes each had one chief to lead the tribe. These men were honorable, dignified, and noble.

Don't Ask Them To Remember, Ask Them To Never FORGET

The three tribes of the Southeast were nomads, forever wandering. Many bands made pottery. The Southeast warriors moved to reservations in the 1900's. The Southeastern Indians were the most educated of the Texas groups. The Comanche were the most important to Texas history. The Comanche were skilled diplomats and made shields of buffalo hides.

One Not To Forget

The Southeastern tribes were the only tribes to hunt for buffalo. They also were the only ever wandering nomads. Like the Coastal tribes, the Southeastern Indians had one chief. The Southeastern warriors shall forever be remembered as honorable.

The Epic French Horn Player

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