Communication Chronicle 1-15-16


Message from our Principal

It has been two full weeks of school. We have a three day weekend coming up. Let's use the weekend to rejuvenate our spirits and energy. Let's come back ready to go! Enjoy your weekend. I am resting up! Please do the same!
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Teacher Tips!

  1. Learning Disabilities Online features an Educators section, which provides instructional strategies, information, and solutions for teaching issues. You can also browse the other sections of the site to learn more about the learning and developmental disabilities your students have, and review the latest news and research in childhood disabilities and special education.
  2. Teachnology, The Online Teacher Resource provides teachers with lesson plans, worksheets, rubrics, tips, unit themes, and tools. Tips and tools are also available to help teachers with behavior management, counseling, games, and fundraising.

Other Items

  1. The Annual Joe Corbi's Gourmet Pizza & More fundraiser has started! Items will be delivered on February 24th.
  2. The Special Olympics Bowling Team has a competition on January 30th and Laurel Lanes. Qualifiers will go to Regionals in March!
  3. The Prom will be held on May 13th. The location is to be determined. Stay tuned.
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Quote of the Week

"ABILITY is what you are capable of doing. MOTIVATION determines what you do. ATTITUDE determines how well you do it." -author unknown


  1. Alternative Proficiency Assessments (APA) for Science are in the final collection period (December 7- February 13). Teachers with students taking the APA need to be collecting final pieces of evidence. Checks on evidence will occur in the middle of January. It is expected that at least the first two final pieces of evidence are completed. Thank you!
  2. There will be sub nurses in our school in and out to assist with nursing coverage.
  3. Dynamic Learning Map (DLM) Assessments- Training dates will need to be set up in the near future (end of February possible, early March) for those teachers giving the DLM.
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January Birthdays!!

  • Thomas Cook 1/5
  • Heather Craw 1/10
  • Marlane Demara 1/24
  • Robert Edelschein 1/24
  • Phyllis Edmonds 1/2
  • Janis Flanagan 1/31
  • Roni Gallo 1/3
  • Thomas Kurtz III 1/30
  • Lauren Langan 1/19
  • Laura Lecompt-Yankston 1/12
  • David Lovett 1/3
  • Rita Lyman 1/8
  • Sara Marcincak 1/14
  • Janeth Guenther 1/17
  • Jennifer Higgs 1/6
  • Deborah Jabkowski 1/18
  • Kim Jackson 1/12
  • Jonathan Miller 1/6
  • Cindy Mollica 1/13
  • Elizabeth Parker 1/31
  • Eileen Price 1/24
  • Deborah Roggio 1/9
  • Renee Shivers 1/22
  • Ryan Southerland 1/12
  • Diana Stewart 1/26
  • Megan Strittmatter 1/4
  • Suzanne Voelker 1/22
  • Katarzyna Zawadzki 1/7