Child Abuse it is a problem because some parents hit their own children because ,they maybe be drunk because men or women's get drunk on their houses and because of one little thing they get mad and hit their kids.

Being Affected

A lot of people get affected because they could go to jail by hitting their own child's and they could be in jail a lot of time or maybe years,depends on how much the child is being hurt, and that could be a serious time in jail.

Why is not fix yet?

People for not going to jail they don't fix their problem they keep doing it unil the police know they do something to get them in court and whatever the judge say they go to jail them may go years but when they come out they may keep doing it or maybe they go to special program.

Obstacles of Fixing the Problem ...

Some obstacles are parents should not drink that much because,that can cause the problem of hitting their kids and also hitting their children.Also spend more time with their family go hangout more go to the movies or something.And also or they can go to a special program so they could be better.