The Progressive Era

by Kayla B.

Who Were the Progressives

- Reformers who attempted to solve problems caused by industry, growth of cities, and Laissez-Faire Government.


- White Protestants

- Middle Class & Native Born

- College Educated Professionals

- Held Jobs such as: Social Workers, Scholars, Preachers, Teachers, Writers, and Politicians

Big Business

Changes needed to be made in regards to these "big businesses" having much influence and power over the economy.

Down With Corruption!...Progressive Motives.

- Progressives wanted to put an end to corruption in industry and politics.

- They wanted to ride influence of the political bosses and political machines on the government.

- The Progressives wanted Social Justice (i.e. Equality, regulate unfair business practices, Eliminate Child Labor, Improved working conditions, etc.)

- Political Reforms ("Give the Government Back to the People, Increase Voting Numbers, End Corruptions w/ Political Machines.

- Economic Reforms ( Equal Opportunities in the work force, Regulate Trusts (Sherman Anti-Trust Act), Changes in Labor, "The Government is in charge, NOT Industry!)

- Conservation Reforms ( Preserve Wildlife, the Environment, and Natural Resources).