How to start a fire

Not just for marshmallows

Step 1: Locate an ideal location

Try to build near your shelter, flat ground, dry ground, a place protected form the wind, near your water source, and near firewood. Be sure to clear away any brush.

Step 2: Preparation

Dig a pit 3ft. across and 4-6in. deep. Try to find large rocks and place them around the pit to help contain the fire. DO NOT USE RIVER ROCKS.

Step 3: Getting firewood

You'll need three types of firewood. Get as much as you can. You'll need tinder the fire ignited. Good tinder is dry leaves, grass bark, and resin (found in spruce and pine trees) Next, you'll need kindling. These are any readily combustible material such as dry small twigs and sticks. After that, you need fuel. These are large pieces of dry firewood.

Step 4: Igniting the fire

If you crashed with a plane, boat, or car, you can use its battery to start the fire. Find some wire from the wreckage, attach two pieces to each battery terminal, touch the tinder to the wires. This will create a spark and blowing on the spark until it lights then putting it in your fire pit will create a fire.