What Is The Darkness Within Space?

By Anna

Why is there space in Space?

Obler's Paradox, named after a German astronomer, is the theory that supports why we see space as being black. It is also called The Dark Night Sky Paradox. This says that because we see Space and the night sky as black, then our universe cannot be a static universe. That means that our Space must constantly expanding and that it is infinite.

Why darkness?

If our universe was static then our night sky would be bright due to stars. The earth's line of sight would end at anyone of the very bright stars. The paradox states that the night sky would be bright because there would be an infinitely number of stars distributed in a large space, that would not be growing.

Why black rather any other color?

Darkness is the absence of visible light; it appears as black in any colored space. Our eyes need something to fill in the blank space and so nothingness is filled with black. This is because our retinas produce an after image while staying active. Sometimes though, light is absorbed with a limit. However, because of the law "energy can neither be destroyed or created" that light is converted. So sometimes darkness is really light at a frequency humans cannot perceive. Objects are considered dark when they absorb photons. A measure of darkness is the Bortle Dark-Sky scale. This tells us how much 'brightness' is actually present in a specific location in the sky/Space.


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>Albert Einstein was the first to theorize a static universe

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