A New Year...A New You!

Empower Yourself To Be Happy & Healthy This Year


Which Diet Is Best?

Now that it's January, we will be continually bombarded with the new diet fads; Paleo, Vegan, South Beach, Atkins etc. These diets are continually touted as the "the" solution to our health problems and weight issues. However, most of us can agree that we will be dedicated to such a diet for a few weeks and then eventually fail, and our health problems and weight are the same as when we started. The reason? We didn't evolve as dieters!

Humans were meant to eat, but we were meant to eat healthy foods, not overly processed, sugar and salt laden "fake foods". To eat healthy foods means to eat foods that are close to nature, or as I like to call it, WHOLE FOODS! By incorporating whole foods into your diet, you will increase the amount fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your diet. This can help to improve your skin complexion, digestive regularity, mood and energy.

As we start to move away from the "diet" paradigm we realize that we will start making positive lifestyle changes for ourselves and our families that are built to last.

How do you start? Here a few easy steps to start adding more whole foods to your families diet.

1. Small steps- Add foods or new meals slowly. Establish a new daily behavior and then once that becomes your norm, add another.

2. When at the grocery store, try and stick to the outside aisles. This where all the delicious vegetables, fruits and meats can be found.

3. How Healthy you want to be depends on the proportion of healthy foods to unhealthy foods you are putting in your body. When choosing a food- identify where it is on the spectrum of "least healthy and natural to most healthy and natural".

So decide how healthy and happy you want to be this year and start making steps towards that goal by adding whole foods to you your families diet.

Need Help Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions?

Let's Get "Appy"! Yes the pun was intended. Here are a few great apps to use on your smart phone to help you keep your New Year's resolutions.

  • Livifi- Choose from over 40 life goals in which the app will help you to set targets and achieve them.
  • 43 Things- Adds an element of social pressure, where you share your goals on social media to gain support and encouragement towards your goals.
  • Chains.cc- based on the "don't break the chain" method, this app helps you to reinforce good habits and break bad ones.


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Naturopathic Doctor

I believe the body is a powerful healer! Each one of us has the innate ability within ourselves to heal. My goal is to support you along your path to optimal health. By empowering you to make positive changes in your health, medicine becomes simple. Get empowered to improve your health today!