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Counselors' January Newsletter 2016

It's Time to Make Some Rules

Rules allow family members to trust each other, to know what is expected. When a child has a clear understanding of what is expected, they feel more in control and independent. Make rules for things that are very important to your family – standards of behavior, issues relating to health and safety. State what you want very clearly and with results that you can see and measure. Anticipate situations that may be problems and make and discuss the rule in advance.

As your child gets older, involve him/her in appropriate negotiations. Then you make the final decision. Be prepared to enforce all rules that you make. Consider your needs and the needs of other family members when making rules. Expect complaints and resistance, but remain consistent. When the situation changes, be willing to change the rules.

Home Connection

Family members and community members share responsibilities. What are some things that distract you from doing what you are suppose to? Make a plan or create a responsibility chart to help you be more responsible for those things that distract you.