Laura Martin - Technology Integration Specialist

Welcome Back to all Middle School Staff

Welcome back to school middle school teachers! I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new technology integration specialist. I will be in your buildings every week and want to make myself available to meet with you at your convenience. In an effort to get to everyone that needs help, I created this google form survey. It is short and sweet and meant to give me a little information about your needs before I visit.

We all have varying comfort levels when it comes to technology integration. There is no starting point that is too basic. I am here to help you experiment, try something new, or just answer your questions to clarify something you are working on. With the rapid advancement in educational technology innovations it has become very daunting for any of us to keep up. Please don't hesitate to contact me using this form or by my email address at

Please take a moment and fill out the form survey below. I look forward to working with you all this year!

Weekly Tech Integration Middle School Rotation

Mondays - Broughal Middle School

Tuesdays - Nitschmann Middle School

Wednesdays - Northeast Middle School

Thursdays - East Hills Middle School

Friday - Circle back to any of the above!

Quick Fix for: "When my computer wakes up I am kicked off BASDNet."

Here is the scenario, you haven't used your computer for 20 minutes and it went into sleep mode. Or, you simply closed the lid. Upon waking, you somehow can't access all of your websites or you are denied access. This is probably because BASDNet needs to be moved to the top of your Network Preferences. Here is a quick screencast to show you how to change it! Disclaimer: I am not a professional screencaster so this is just me talking.... :)
Making BASDNet your Preferred Network

Introducing the New BASD Launchpad!

This has just been released and will be the centralized site for launching to All BASD apps and programs!

Mentimeter - Great idea for beginning of the year icebreakers or surveys.

On August 15 and 16 of this year, teachers from BASD and other districts gathered at Northeast Middle School for BASD's 2nd Summer Technology Academy. Here, a well known author and thought leader, Eric Sheninger, shared one of his favorite tech tools, Mentimeter. The wordle below was generated from the breakout session question: "What are you inspired to do this year with your classes?" The answers from a room full of teachers created the art you see below. You can also create charts and graphs and use this tool for survey questions with your classes. Try it at
Big image

Google Drive Getting Disorganized?

Where did I put that file? What was the name of that lesson? If you are like me, you have been saving things to your drive and things might be getting a little disorganized. Check out this video by The Apps Show on YouTube about How to Perfectly Organize your Drive Folders!
How to perfectly organize your Drive folders | Drive | The Apps Show