Pierre Auguste Renoir


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Pierre Auguste Renoir was born in Limoges France on February 25 1841. He died in Cagnes-sur-Mer, France on December 3, 1919. his primary work was oil painting on canvas. he preferable loved to paint women. he was an impressionist of the 20th century. he was married to Madame Renoir and had children. Renoir suffered from a disease called rheumatism which disfigured his hands making them permanently curled. Assistants would tie the brush to his wrist so he could paint. In 1902 he had a stroke and was put in a wheelchair. It wasn't until he died that he ever stopped his work.
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La Grenouillere


oil painting on canvas

national museum, Stockholm

Pierre Auguste Renoir Timeline

February 25 1841 Pierre Auguste Renoir is born in France

1844 Renoir moves to France

1854 Renoir begins as a porcelain painter

1862 Renoir studies art under Charles Gleyre in Paris

1864 Renoir won acceptance into the annual Paris Salon exhibit

1867 Renoir met Lise Trehot who became his model

1870 Renoir took a brake to serve in the war against Germany

1874 Renoir and some of his friends decided to start their own first impressionist exhibit

1878 Renoir's painting of " Madame Charpentier and her Children" gained much admiration from critics.

1880 made several inspirational journeys

1890 Renoir married his girlfriend Aline Charigot

1885 they had their first son named Pierre

1890's Renoir battled with rheumatism which plagued him for the rest of his life

1907 Renoir bought a home in Cagnus-ser-Mer for his family

1912 Renoir had a stroke and was left in a wheel chair

1919 Renoir died but still saw all his great works being exhibited and bought. he was buried next to his wife Aline who died in 1915