No Kid Hungry

Help those who struggle to put food on the table!!!!!!!!


  • Currently just over half of our nation’s kids who need a free or reduced-price breakfast are getting one.
  • One in five kids struggles with hunger.
  • 16 million kids aren't getting the nutrition they need.
  • 1 out of 5 (16 million) kids in America struggle with hunger.
  • Hungry kids are more likely to experience serious short and long health term issues.
  • Children tend to have trouble learning and are more prone to behavioral and emotional problems.


  • No Kid Hungry is working to help kids in America get the healthy nutrition they need.
  • Even during the summer, children will be getting healthy meals and take part in fun activities.
  • No Kid Hungry teaches families that are struggling to cook and buy low-cost meals.
Lily, her Mom, and No Kid Hungry