Forensic Serologist

by Chloe Peach

Job Description:

Forensic serologists typically work in crime labs, crime scenes, and in other legal settings where they are required. They study and analyze bodily fluids such as blood, semen, fecal matter, and perspiration. They determine their relationship to the crime scene, the DNA analysis, and bloodstain pattern analysis. From all of their investigation, they can derive possible suspects, the cause of death, and the sequence of events surrounding the crime scene. Forensic serologists typically work 40-hour weeks, but have overtime if there is an overload of work. +Employment in this field is said to increase 19% between 2010 & 2020.


The job requires at least an undergraduate degree in biology, and some employers require additional coursework in math and criminal investigation, as well as some advanced degrees in biology, forensic science, or criminal justice.


The average annual salary for forensic serologists is $51,570.

Pros & Cons:

+Pros: It gives many hours, and even some overtime. It also helps with criminal justice.

+Cons: There is often an overload of work in certain cases. There is also a lot of pressure to derive the correct results.