Unit 6 Photosynthesis

End of 2nd term/Fall Semester

Unit 6 Information

Hello to all!

We are wrapping up the fall semester in just over 2 weeks! Can you believe it! I wanted you to be aware of a few things in the meantime.

  • Quiz over the leaf 12-1/12-4
  • Unit 6 test 12-11/12-12 ****This is multiple choice only (online-Quia) that way they can retest asap if needed.
  • They will be able to start taking the practice quia quiz starting on the 4th (this is a grade, due day of their test).
  • There is a paper unit 6 review on canvas...i will hand out next week as well. this is optional.
  • They were given the fall semester review packet last class. One page (front & back) is due everytime they come to class until Dec 8th/11th. It is on canvas (modules) if they have misplaced it.
  • Finals are held on December 18th-20th. If you know that your student will miss an exam, please let me know asap. Also, you will need to let the office know as well.

Also, please start reminding you student to be checking skyward. If any grades need to be made up, this needs to happen before finals week. I will not take any late work at that point. Be have them come talk to me so that we can schedule times make up the work.

Remember, if you need anything from me, please don't hesitate to email me. I want to finish off this semester strong!