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NEWSLETTER | TERM 4 | WEEK 7 | 25 November 2022

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Message from Geordie

Good afternoon all,

Week 7 is now done and dusted, and it has been all systems go here at St Bernie’s. As we enter in the first week of Advent this Sunday, our students have been preparing for our End of Year Christmas Concert on Wednesday the 7th of December. I am really looking forward to meeting you all out on the oval for a picnic, hearing the Christmas Story and music from our talented students.

Our Year 5 students presented their leadership speeches today and we will be opening the voting to staff so that we can organise the Student Leaders for 2023 and present them to the community at the End of Term Mass on Wednesday of Week 9. All our students did a great job and whether they are voted in or not, we use our Year 6 students in a variety of leadership roles throughout the year.

Next Thursday 1st December, Kindy to PP will be involved in their Transition (Move Up) Day. On Friday the 2nd December all other students will participate in their move up day. Our students will meet their new teachers and classmates with new students to the school also involved. The day is designed to be fun and relaxed and give the teachers an opportunity to get to know their new students. Our class lists will also be posted on SeeSaw in Week 9. Please support us by encouraging your children to have a positive attitude and to be enthusiastic about the new year. Obviously, there will be some disappointment, however, please know that our staff have done a huge amount of work to get the best outcome for all 480 students in our school. Please understand that these lists are now final and cannot be changed. Our Leadership Team do however, work very hard with our staff to ensure that all our students build relationships and get the most out of their year!

Can I please ask parents to help keep the last few weeks of school calm and respectful for our community. If you are in the carpark, please obey the rules and speak to each other in a kind and respectful way. At this time of year, we can often be short or snap at things we might not normally snap at. Can I also please remind parents not to put lollies into the pixie post cards. It takes the control out of parent’s hands and students can end up with 30 or more candy canes! I apologise for being , ‘The Grinch’ (my wife’s words) – I have had quite a number of parents email about this one.

This afternoon we had a special meeting of the P&F to discuss the changing of the constitution to become a committee of the school. This change will help with administrative and organisational responsibilities and make the roles more manageable which I think is a great change. These will come into effect at our Annual Community Meeting (ACM) on Wednesday the 30th November in the Library. All are welcome to attend.

Have a great weekend – 2 fun and high energy weeks to go!


Children's Christmas Eve Nativity

Calling for all kids interested in joining this year’s Christmas Eve nativity play (6pm mass).

We have lots of roles available including Mary, Joseph, Wisemen, Angels, Shepherds and even an innkeeper. This year rehearsals will be Sundays due to work commitments. We would also love for parents to get involved in any way you can, including taking home the costumes at the first rehearsal to wash and repair if needed.

The rehearsal schedule is planned after mass each Sunday (come for 9am mass if you can too) as follows:

  • Sun 4 Dec 10:15am-11am
  • Sun 11 Dec 10:15am-11am
  • Sun 18 Dec 10:15-11am (this will be dress rehearsal so please allow time to arrange any costume modifications)
  • Christmas Eve, Sat 24th Dec 10-10:45am

If you have any questions, please contact Monica Hunter on 0438 950 248.

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Telephones: Important Message

We are upgrading our telephone system and this is being installed next Wednesday, 30th November. We will not have any access to the phones during the day so please send any communication/messages via the admin email -

Supporting Bernie's Student Learning

At St Bernadette’s we are always listening, reflecting and discussing ways that we can improve the teaching and learning experiences for our students. Over the past two years, the staff have had many a discussion on how we can best cater for each and every individual.

Going forward, the school will continue with IEPs (Individual Education Plans) for those students who cannot access their year level curriculum. If a student requires any other support, including environmental and or instructional adjustments, they will be on an IAP (Individual Adjustment Plan). We will continue to develop our Enrichment Program, Medical Plans and how we differentiate in class to ensure each student is working within their ‘goldilocks’ realm – work that is not too easy or too hard, but that is just right.

This year, many students who are on an IEP will be moving to an IAP. This process will be completed in week 7 and 8 of this term and parents have already been invited to IEP meetings. Staff have already been looking at data and having discussions about which students would benefit from an IAP. In term one next year, we will have IAP meetings and discussions with parents regarding how we can best cater for their child’s need. If staff believe your child would benefit from an IAP, they will be in contact mid term one.

As part of this new structure, staff have been busy researching English Support programs. We are very fortunate to be introducing MiniLit and MultiLit to Bernie’s in 2023 and beyond. This program will benefit students who demonstrate limited ability within the English learning area. Once again, parents will be informed early next year if their child will be participating in their program. We hope to introduce something similar for the Mathematics learning area in 2024.

Below is a visual of how we support students. Just to reiterate, this structure is fluid and is ever changing to ensure we are catering best for the students at St Bernadette’s.

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Bernie's Garden Sale

Mrs Cairns and her garden gnomes will be having a special garden sale today and next Friday.

Among the usual garden produce and worm wee on sale will be some beautiful succulent plants and citronella potpourri. Some great Christmas gift ideas! Bernie's garden sale takes place on Friday between 2.50 and 3.15pm. All proceeds go back to Bernie's garden!

Ricky Grace Basketball 2023

We are thrilled that Ricky Grace will be running his Basketball Program again next year and this will kick off in Term 1.

More information and registration details will be sent out soon.

Outstanding Library Books

A quick reminder to students/parents to return all library books before Friday the 2nd of December. Please notify the school in writing of any lost books.

Kolbe Catholic College Year 7 2025

A reminder to families that the Year 7 2025 intake at Kolbe Catholic College will commence from January 2023. Please ensure that your applications are submitted to the College as soon as possible.

Give Write Program - Recycling School Stationary

Towards the end of term we will be promoting the Give Write Program. This a not-for-profit enterprise aimed at taking donations of new and pre-loved school stationery to recycle, repackage and regift to Western Australian kids in need who start the school year with nothing. As well as helping needy local families, the program is also aimed at promoting recycling to reduce local landfill

During the last week of school, there will be a collection bin outside the office where donations can be made. If you do not need the stationary that your children have used this year and it is in good condition, please pop them in this collection bin.

We accept the following new and used (good quality) items:

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Cmmunity News

Some of our Y4 girls represented their teeball club Rockingham Raptors and participated in the Natasha Bakranich All Girls Teeball carnival last weekend.

Renae S, Imogen S and Lilly S made the grand final in their U10 team and were unlucky to miss out by 3 runs in a competitive final. Jaime P, Sarah P and Peyton D competed in the U11 girls division and remained undefeated in all 4 games including another competitive grand final winning by 2 runs. Well done girls!

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Community News continued..........

And another sporting superstar is Dalila C in Year 6 who

was awarded her 2nd Dan (Blackbelt) in Taekwondo

last weekend - What a superstar!

P&F Christmas Raffle: Message from the P&F

Our Christmas Raffle will be drawn at our Christmas Concert on Wednesday 7th December and we have some amazing prizes!! Big thanks to all the Families who have donated!! You all know about the awesome bike & helmet but just to give you a hint of one of our other amazing prizes ⛳ !!!

We will give an update of prizes to be won soon!!

Every child enrolled in our school will automatically go into the draw with 1 Free raffle ticket!

Extra raffle tickets have been sent home with your children this week so please check their bags. If you would like to buy these raffle tickets, they are $2 each or 3 for $5 (not compulsory to buy).

Please send the money with the ticket butts (name and contact number written clearly) and put these in the P&F box in the office.

Additional tickets are available in the office.

We will also have tickets available at school pickup on Wednesday the 7th December (a reminder will be sent out closer to the date).

P&F Entertainment Books

The Entertainment Book are running a Black Friday sale this year where all new and existing school parents and fundraising supporters can buy any Entertainment Membership and get one free!

This promotion is valid from between 6.00pm, Thursday 24th November and 6.00pm, Monday 28th November AEDT. During our Buy One Get One Free Black Friday All customers will receive a complimentary Entertainment Membership which is equal to their purchase.

Yep, that’s double the fun, double the dining, and double the savings!

This year's Entertainment Membership is packed with hundreds 25% off or 2 for 1 offers from all your favourite local restaurants, takeaways, attractions, shopping and more. Plus, for only $69.99 you only need to use your membership twice and you’ll save what you spent on it. So order now to get double the savings!

20% of every Entertainment Membership purchased through us goes directly towards supporting our school's fundraising !

Please see the link to the fundraising page below.

Thank you so much for your support 💙

Things to look out for next week

  • Scottish Dancing Monday 28 November 3.15 - 4.00pm
  • Ricky Grace Basketball - Wednesday 30 November 7.45 - 8.30am
  • Kindy 2022 Graduation - Wednesday 30 November 11.30am - 12.30pm
  • P&F and SAC AGM - Wednesday 30 November 6.00pm - 7.00pm
  • Fume Free Friday - Friday 2 December
  • Kindy to Pre Primary Move up day - Thursday 1 December
  • Pre-Primary to Year 5 Move Up Day - Friday 2 December
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