Title I Family Engagement Policy

Brier Creek Elementary 2019-2020

The policy says...

Title I in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a federal program, provides additional money to qualifying schools. The Davidson County School System upholds the philosophy of parent involvement with no­ fault, consensus, and collaboration as its guiding principles. It also encourages and provides training opportunities for the parent or interested adult to be a team player in the education of children.

The Davidson County Board of Education will ensure that all Title I stakeholders are provided the opportunity to sign a compact to help students succeed. The Student-Teacher-Parent Compact identifies contributions each can make to ensure that every student meets State student performance standards.

In accordance with our Mission Statement Goals of:

  • sustaining a welcoming school environment
  • providing rewarding opportunities to interact with your child
  • supporting families in their child’s educational journey
  • keeping clear lines of communication open between families and our school

Brier Creek as a Title I School will:

* convene an annual public meeting and Road to Success session

* offer parent and family nights, as well as parent-teacher conferences

* involve parent representatives on the School Improvement Team and District Parental Advisory Council

* communicate through newsletters, websites, progress reports and report cards

* sign and commit to a Student-Teacher-Parent Compact

* welcome parent volunteers in the school

* communicate in a language parents can understand, including parents with disabilities and limited English proficiency