JMA Update & Thank You To Parents!!

September 18, 2020

Dear JMA Parents & Guardians,

First I would like to send an long overdue "thank you" to all the very supportive parents and families that are ensuring their children are working online, getting their assignments completed and taking an active role in their child/children's future right now with our remote/distance learning program! We know who the supportive parents are and we so appreciate you!!

Although I know it can be challenging and difficult at this time (as I have a school age child of my own), just know that we are here to support you in anyway that we can and we know you are doing what is best for your child/children. Thank you for helping them to continue to grow and learn even if it is online!!!

Unfortunately, not all parents and guardians are as supportive as they should be during these uncertain times in education and are not doing what is best for their children. Let me explain further. We began our remote/distance learning on August 31st and I am sad to report that it is not going as well as I had hoped for with some students and parents. Some enrolled students are choosing not to complete assignments and some parents are choosing to let them do this. Please understand that if your child is currently enrolled at Jean Massieu Academy that a requirement to staying enrolled is for your child to complete assignments online at this time.

The State of Texas and TEA require that students be enrolled in a school program regardless of whether the student or the parent wants them to go to school or not. It is a parent's responsibility to make sure that once the student is enrolled they are to complete assignments and engage in whatever educational learning program is provided and offered by the school whether it be remotely online or on campus.

It's estimated that 85% of our students enrolled at JMA are engaged, learning online and completing assignments for their grade level. However the other 15% that are not engaged is below our JMA standards and not acceptable for our teachers, administrators or for the State of Texas. I would like to see 100% of our students actively engaged and learning during remote /distance instruction.

With that said, JMA will begin On Campus Learning" for students pre-k-12 grades beginning Monday, September 28th from 7:30-3:00. For students that are currently enrolled but who are not actively learning or engaged online or completing assignments online through Google Classroom, these students will no longer have a choice to learn off campus after September 28th.

If your child / children are not engaged or completing assignments or failing their classes online since Aug. 31st, it will mandatory that these students report to the JMA campus on Monday, September 28th to participate in On Campus Learning at 7:30 a.m.

Non engagement by students will result in an administrative withdrawal and an un-enrollment status at JMA. Once students are un-enrolled a JMA, they will then be required to return to their home district according to the student's home address on file. Additionally, these students who have not been active since Aug. 31st will be counted absent in their classes and this information will follow them to their next school which could result in truancy.

Again, I just want to say thank you to the very supportive parents on behalf of myself and the teachers!!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information please contact me at your earliest convenience.


Monica Fox, M.Ed.


Jean Massieu Academy

On Campus Protocols and Procedures Beginning Monday, September 28th @ 7:30 a.m. Download PDF document Link Below