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April 13, 2018

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Next week we say hello to another round of ISTEP+ testing and we will also say goodbye!

The state of Indiana is implementing the ISTEP+ exam for the last time this spring. Next year, the testing program is being restructured to include fewer exams, given later in the year, with quicker feedback. The new system is called ILEARN and we'll all be learning about it in the fall.

Before we celebrate the new system let's send the old system out with a bang and remember these things-

1) One set of tests can NEVER take the measure of the person that you are and the person you are becoming. The things that make you special (wit, compassion, creativity, soul, interests, ingenuity, etc.) aren't going to come up in questions next week. The test just takes a snapshot of your current level of performance in language arts, math, science (6th only) and social studies (7th only). Let's make it an accurate snapshot by giving each question our best effort.

2) Actions you take BEFORE the test impact your performance ON the test. Get good sleep, eat breakfast, bring a charged iPad, and bring a positive attitude. Get your Jungle Tiger groove on! Some questions will be easy. Some will be hard. Give each question your best effort.

3) The test matters. Our school and our teachers are evaluated on how you perform on ISTEP and how much you have improved since ISTEP 2017. From all of our teachers and staff, thank you for giving your best effort.

ISTEP+ Part 2 Test Schedule

Tuesday, April 17 AM- Math Section 1 and 2

Wednesday, April 18 AM- Math Section 3

Thursday, April 19 AM- ELA Section 1

Friday, April 20 AM- ELA Section 2

Tuesday, April 24 AM- ELA Section 3

Wednesday, April 25 AM- 6 Sci Section 1 and 2 // 7 SS Section 1 and 2

Return of the App Package

The Bonus App Package is back in play during our ISTEP+ test. Student engagement will be monitored. Students that become disengaged during the test will lose the apps. Disengagement includes any of the following: racing through the test too fast, putting your head down, or bothering others.

Students that failed to earn the App Package during the last round of ISTEP+ and NWEA testing will have another opportunity to get access to the bonus apps. If you do not currently have the app package and you'd like to be considered based on your ISTEP+ Part 2 engagement, message Miss Nass on Canvas to get on the app list.

eLearning Day Planned for May 8th

The SCSD2 School Board voted to schedule an eLearning Day on Tuesday, May 8th as a 'make-up' day for the snow day we missed the week before spring break. May 8th was previously a day off as it is an election day. Polling is taking place in most SCSD2 schools.

The eLearning plan will be fully developed and shared with parents in the next Scoop. Here are the general plans. Students will be assigned tasks for the day that can be done either

  • any time at home between May 5th and May 12th (students will get work early so that they can complete the work in a timeline that works best for each family),
  • or at school on May 8th between 8:05 and 12:55 (bus routes will run on an early dismissal schedule for students that choose to come to school to access the internet or to get direct help from teachers.)

All assignments will be downloaded in advance for any student that does not have internet access at home. Assignments must be turned in by Friday, May 12th. A student will get credit for attending school on May 8th if a) they attend school, or b) turn in the assigned work. SMS teachers will be meeting next week to finalize our format and that updated info will be shared next Friday. We are pleased to have this opportunity for a school day on May 8th. Otherwise, we'd have our last day of class on Monday, June 4th! As of now, our final student day is Friday, June 1st.

Survey Says...

Here are some more of our recent student survey results! The first two charts concern growth mindset. It appears that large numbers of students believe that they can improve with effort. The second graph relates to math instruction. The SMS math department is investigating new curriculum and strategies for next year. They appreciate your feedback on the type of instructional program you'd prefer. It appears that there is split in what instructional strategies students prefer. Packets had the most interest with a blended approach coming right behind.

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Next Week...

Mon. Apr. 16: A day, Track @ Austin, BB Gold @ Corydon, Softball @ Austin

Tue. Apr. 17: B day, ISTEP+ Math, Art Club 3-4, Golf @ Henryville, Baseball Purple @ Highland Hills, Softball v. Silver Creek

Wed. Apr. 18: A day, Cross 7:15am, ISTEP+ Math, Golf v. Salem/Silver Creek, Tennis v. Austin, Baseball Gold v. Borden

Thu. Apr. 19: A day, ISTEP+ ELA, Track v. Jennings County, Baseball Purple @ Corydon, Softball @ Brownstown

Fri. Apr. 20: A day, ISTEP+ ELA