essay for science

by: riley nelson

part 1

* earths rotation causes day and night.

* it takes earth 24 hours to rotate once.

*earths revolution is were it goes around the sun and it takes 365.25 days (1 year).

* earths tilt and revolution around the sun.

* in the north when its winter its summer in the south.

* the place that experiences no season change is Antarctica.

* its shorter days in winter but longer days in the summer.

* the winter solstices will not happen until 2303 and the summer solstices will not happen until 2203.

* the spring equinox will happen September 22nd and the fall equinox the fall equinox is September 23rd.

* the north and south pole sun never set in the summer.

* it exceeds by 12 hours by about 7 minutes.

* there would be no seasons there would be the same amount of sun every where.

part 2

* we would probably die or there would be shorter seasons.

* no because it is impossible and how could that happen.

*there would be longer seasons not shorter not middle but longer.

* yes because we move along the sun and our shadows change no matter what.

* its in there life cycle and they do understand the seasons.

* they would faster than slower.