Famous Missourians

Brooks- George Washington carver

Who Was

George carver was born date was unknown. George died in 1943. He found out how peanuts can be special. We honor him because He was a college teacher who taught black people. When George was old enough he moved place to place but then he found a small kansas town.

What did he/she do

He found out how peanuts work and how they how to use them.He mostly used the peanuts to make different foods. Carver used peanuts out of paint to do art and make beautiful paintings. George saved a lot of plants almost everyone didn’t know how to. Most of the time people would call carver the peanut wizard.

what was their impact on the world

He taught a lot of other black people who couldn’t go to with whites. He was the first person to make peanut butter. Now people are making pb and j’s with peanut butter and cookies also. And a lot! of other things.

should we try to be like them or not

He was a good man because he found that peanuts are special. He was a hard working man because he made things out peanut butter like bread,soup,meat,cookies, and ice cream.

We should be more like him because he was creative and if the world is we will have more things.

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