Mrs. Faccio's Newsletter

April 3, 2014

What's Up in the Classroom?

Language Arts - We will be spending much of the month of April working on poetry. Students will be expected to explain the differences between poems, dramas and prose. They will have to refer to the structural elements of poems (verse, rhythm, meter) and drama (cast of characters, settings, descriptions, dialogue and stage directions) when writing or speaking about a text.

Math-We are taking our decimal test tomorrow. On Monday, we will move onto geometry. Students will be expected to draw and identify lines and angles and classify shapes by properties of their lines and angles. They will also learn to understand concepts of angles and measure them.

Social Studies- We are currently working on our immigrant unit. Students are learning about the Irish, Polish, Pilipino, and Mexican Americans. They will create a short presentation on an ethnic group of their choosing and present it to the class.

Spelling-We are continuing on with a new sort next week.

Writing - Students are currently working on persuasive essays and writing poetry.

Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant Field Trip

Our field trip is quickly approaching (Thursday, April 10th). Please email me if you are planning on attending so I know who to expect on the day of the field trip. We will leave Forest Glen around 8:45 and be back around 3:00. We are sitting 3 to a seat so it will be a tight squeeze but we'll make it work. Please remember, you must have the proper paperwork filled out in order to attend. If you are unsure, please email the office or me. :)

Wax Museum

The students did a really nice job on their biographies and backdrops. We will be presenting our work on April 22nd from 2:30-3. If you'd like to come, you are more than welcome to. We will have our M&M Buddies touring. All of the students will be taped and I will post their report on our webpage in case you can't make it. This event will be taking place in my room (5) and Mrs. Valentine's room (4). Students will be required to memorize a small segment of their biography. It should be no longer than 1 minute. We will work on this in class!!

Ethnic Food Day

Our culminating activity to our immigrant unit is an Ethnic Food Day. It's a ton of fun and gives the students a wonderful opportunity to sample a variety of foods from different cultures. Students received a blue sheet at the beginning of the week that is due tomorrow. It's simply asking if your child will be participating and what they will bring. It also has questions about their heritage that are due tomorrow.