Communication Conflicts

by Jasmine

What is conflict?

Conflict is the interference by one person with the achievement of another person's goals. As a Conflict Management Consultant I see conflict in a business everyday whether it's bad or good and yes conflict can be good. Managers deal with a variety of communication problems such as desirable conflict, undesirable conflict and resolving conflict. As, many people don't know is conflict has different meanings than just a fight between two people. It also stimulates new ideas and may challenge employees in a business to do better than what they can already do.

Conflict Strategy's

Which strategy?

Conflicts can be resolved in various ways. Because every situation is different, managers must decide which type of strategy will be the best to resolve each conflict. There is the Avoidance strategy which is taking a neutral position or agreeing with another person's position even though it differs from your own. this is the main strategy we see going on in a business because employees don't want to cause conflict. There is also the compromise strategy and the win/lose strategy. Compromising is the best way you can go because everyone involved in that situation simply agrees on a mutual acceptable solution. Win/lose is the dangerous approach to resolving conflict it leads to no one compromising and one winning and one losing. So when a manager you have to find which strategy is the best way to approach a situation.

Knowing the difference!

When a manager or even an employee you have to know the differences between a bad conflict or beneficial one. Yes it may seem easy figuring out the difference because you think well if there screaming it's bad but that's not always the case. Like desirable conflict says a small amount of conflict is sometimes beneficial because not a lot of people have the best ideas and another can be fulled of great ideas and they clash in personality's and show signs of conflict but the can compromise on mutual decisions and in the long run make a great team.