Learning Style Project

By Sarai Santibanez

Career Choice

For my future, I have planned to be a paramedic. I want to help people that are in need to save their lives. Lives are valuable to people.

Learning Style

According to the test I took In educationalplanner.org, I'm mostly an auditory learner. I learn by listening and hearing what I need to know. At school it is necessary for me to have a teacher or instructor to explain what I need to learn in order to pass their class.

I'm also a musical learner. Whenever I study I tend to memorize things. While I'm memorizing I like to listen to music or when I'm not, I naturally make music out of what I'm trying to learn. I make beats or a nice rhythm on what I' trying to memorize, ending with a short song.

As a learner I like to socialize with people. I like to ask questions to the people I'm around with. I usually ask them about what we're learning and try to make conversations about the subject.

My Learning Skills

Relation Towards my Career Choice

As a future paramedic, I think that my learning skills will be a big help to prepare myself. I'm an auditory learner. I depend on who teaches me. I like a good teacher. I learn on how my teacher talks about the lesson. If I don't understand, I tend to ask questions and not be shy about it. This makes me an interpersonal learner as well. I can socialize with people. Which I should be able to because as a paramedic I will be with people that I've never met before. Im also a musical learner. I like music. Listening and making music helps me remember and learn what I need to know in order to be successful. I want to be successful because as a paramedic there's not time to make mistakes. My knowledge depends on a person's life.