Using Vine in the ESL Classroom

By Traveling Teachers - Wayne State University

Presentation by Lynn, Roger and Sam

Before traveling to Spain for our Summer Abroad program we had a group meeting and discussed ideas about how to bring technology into an ESL class to help students learn. At our initial meeting we talked about language and culture. We also discussed how apps that are easier to use have a greater potential for success because students may have differing levels of technological ability.

Sam brought up the app called Vine. We discussed the app which is a social media service where people can create six second videos using a mobile device and share the videos publicly or privately. Vine users can "follow" other users. Users can also "like", "revine" and post comments about the Vines they watch. Vine is similar to Twitter and Instagram, two popular social media apps.

Vine is easy to use and because videos incorporate visuals and sound it makes for a powerful tool to help students learn a new language.

How to Get Started with Vine

CNET How To - Get started with Vine

Vine in an ESL Class

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Embed Vines in a Class Blog

After creating Vines, teachers can embed the Vines in their class blog. This gives students an opportunity to see and learn from their classmates' Vines. Publishing the Vines on a class blog also provides an authentic audience for their videos. Furthermore, it gives students voice and agency in their learning. Finally, it showcases the class work that can be shared with parents and other members of the school community.

Below is link to a Vine I embedded in a blog I publish.

Vine Blog Example

Vine - Lesson Plan

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Classroom and Staff Development

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Multimedia Toolkit

The following are apps and websites that ESL teachers can use to gain knowledge or use in the classroom.

  1. Vine App
  2. Comic Life App

Thank you!

This presentation gives you some ideas to start using the Vine app in your ESL classroom to foster student learning. There are many creative ways to use Vine, and with fun and imagination you will discover with your students that this technology can aid in language learning.

-Traveling Teachers