Counting down...


Manicures for Moms

Here are our photos from "Manicures for Moms".

Thanks so much for coming. It was so sweet to see children loving on their mothers.

I even got to get in on the fun!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Bittersweet Goodbye

Miss Whiten's last day was Thursday. We were sad to see her go, but excited that she will be part of the PRS team next year as a Community Two Lead Learner. We had a Go Noodle Dance Party to celebrate her time with us. We gave her a WONDERFUL teacher's bag filled with everything she might need for next year. Thank you all for sending in items to let her know how much she was appreciated!!!
Go Noodle

Look who stopped in for a visit!

Mr.Matt!!! He came for his last visit to Community One learners. The next time that he reads to the learners, they will be Community Two. He will be at the library all summer with special things happening. He said he would be dropping off summer information, so be on the lookout!

Market preparations

Our market preparations are fully underway. We have completed ocean picture frames and stuffed orca whales. This week, we worked on our newspaper, called "THE OCEAN GLOBE." This product will take much more precision and planning to complete. I am super excited about the writing that I have seen so far. Every student has signed up for a section to complete. I cannot wait to see the final product!!
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Thank you all, parents and learners, for all of the love that you sent my way for Teacher Appreciation books, school supplies, gift cards, home-made cards from learners, a special luncheon (thanks to Mrs. Downing and Mrs. Leavell for watching our class) and so much more. The end of the year is going to be bittersweet, indeed. This group of learners has a special place in my heart. And parents, too!

Upcoming Dates...

  • May 8-Mother's Day
  • May 19-Ocean Market Parent Preview
  • May 20-Community One's Ocean Market
  • May 26-Last Day for Learners