To kill a Mokingbird

By: Harper Lee

A man who sat on a flagpole

flagpole sitting was a dare at first then it became known as a way to get fame as the man kelly sat on the flag pole for 49 days he had his fame untill a new man Bill Penfeild came and destroyed his record with 51 days and 20 hours he would have gone longer but a thunder storm shot him down in to kill a moking bird it says " just like the m,an sitting on the flagpole for no reason it gave jem enough reason to sit in the treehouse"meaning in the book jem was sitting up in the treehouse for no reason and it mad the reader see it was pointless

Hunts light of the world

The hunts light of the world is a painting showing jeasus knocking on an open door waiting for a man to come and let him in. in to kill a mokingbird the quote was" the churches only decoration exept a rotogravure print of hunts light of the world." I think she included this to show that there church was small but it had a meaning full painting onthe walls of this dull church to symbollize the meaning of there is hope and he will come around.

Snipe Hunt

A snipe hunt is basically a random goose chase because snipes arnt real therefore in to kill a mokingbird it says "Hecks bunch is so deep in the woods they wont be out till mornin""indeed? Why so? "called em off on a snipe hunt" meaning the reason to show that in the book was they were looking for somthing that wasnt even there so it was known as a waste of time. This lead the reader to be able to know that the cops where looking for something pointless to find and knowing what a snipe is helps the reader understand what harper lee tried to let you in on the thoughts that were going through the charicters heads at the time.This is the snipe from UP but this is what i pitured when i heard snipe hunt