3rd Grade Hebrew

What's new?

We have learned so much!

We have learned so many letters and vowels since the beginning of the year. I have been consisently impressed with their recall of the letters from second grade. They all have great attitudes and work hard in class.

I try each week to create fun and interesting ways for your child to learn and enjoy Hebrew. From playdough, to whiteboard games, to reading for stamps, we have had a lot of fun.

Your child should currentley be up to lesson 17 on the Hebrew Online Homework. If your child is not up to date with the current lesson, please stress to them that it is not too late to catch up. The online homework / games are a great a resource for creating more retention and reinforcing the lessons taught in the classroom.

The best time to practice is between Sundays. If your child needs to catch up, they can do a handful of lessons at a time.

Link to Behrman House Website:

If you are having trouble logging in, especially if you have a Mac, try a different browser. Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer...just see which one connects you the best.

If you continue to have trouble, make sure you are entering your child's first and last name using the correct format.

Important Dates:

TBRS Sunday School: February 7th

NO SUNDAY SCHOOL: February 14th (President's Day Weekend)

TBRS Sunday School: February 21st