Nothing to Lose!

Stella & Dot Sign-Up Special Goes Through January 31st

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$0 to start and $900 in free accessories

The deadline is approaching. On January 31st, the "once in a lifetime" Stella & Dot stylist sign up special ends. The sign up special has NEVER been this good and we're told it will never come back. $0 dollars to start, $250+ in commission and $900+ in products.

Seems too good to be true? It ISN'T!

I remember waiting on the sidelines for almost a year before signing up as a stylist. When I really think about it, FEAR was the only thing holding me back. FEAR of failure, FEAR of what others would think, FEAR of the unknown.

Now, I decide to reject fear and go after JOY. I'm so glad I did.

Timing is everything and the time IS NOW! No regrets. There's NOTHING to lose. NOTHING! Take the plunge if you've ever thought about it! Email me and I'll send some more info!

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xo, Krista

Krista Demcher

Star Director & Founding Leader: Stella & Dot

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