How does amnesia affect your life?

What is amnesia?

When people lose their ability to memorize data or recall information that is stored in the memory they have amnesia. In simple terms, amnesia is the loss of memory. With amnesia you can forget facts, information and experiences. Amnesia is also known as amnesic syndrome.

What causes amnesia?

Amnesia can be caused by organic causes which are physical changes in the brain such as head injuries and brain tumours which lead to memory impairments. However, amnesia can also be caused by functional causes which means it occurred because of phycological reasons such as traumatic experiences and stress.

What system does amnesia affect?

Amnesia affects different parts of the brain where memory is involved. The frontal and temporal lobes, the limbic system, and parts of the brain stem that control alertness that are also involved with memory. When any one of these areas of the brain suffers damage, the result could be amnesia.

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What are the main functions of this system?

The main functions of the brain where memory is involved is remembering facts, information and experiences.

How can amnesia be cured/treated?

There is no specific treatment/cure for amnesia but phycological support and techniques of enhancing memories can help a person with amnesia to try remembering things. However many forms of amnesia fix themselves without being treated.

How can amnesia be prevented?

To minimize your chance of getting brain injury/amnesia you should:

  • Avoid excessive alcohol use
  • take safety precautions such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike and wearing seat belt when driving
  • treat any infection quickly so that it doesn't have a chance of spreading to the brain

What stakeholders exist for amnesia? What organization has a role or interest in amnesia?

There are no organizations or industry’s that help with amnesia simply because there’s not much that organization can do to help a person with amnesia.

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