Limited Rights For the School Press

≈Why the school press should have limited speech rights≈

Why The School Press Should Have Limited Freedom of Speech.

School need to be able to control their unruly journalists from shoving their unrealistic ideas down other student’s throats. Schools also need to keep their reputation out of the journalism mix, as that is the last thing student’s should have to worry about. Basically, all parties need to be tamed from turning school press into a free-for all pit of chaos.

The most important lesson that needs to be taught in high school journalism is that the public deserves to know the truth, not some made up junk that you think could be true about someone. Students also need to know where the line is between reporting and gossiping. The school press is not there for you to take out your blatant cruelty on a unfortunate peer.

Justice Reed of the the supreme court states that “there can be no free society without free press”. But there are many other opportunities for a free society besides the school press. Limited speech would also keep the school from making the school society even less real. If the school press has limited freedom of speech, then the real truth can be spoken without hurting anyone, making it a free, if not better, society.

Schools have the right to not publish stories that could easily disgrace, offend or distract the students from learning. The school also has the right to keep its students safe, and take precautions to keep the school a safe place that is focused on learning.

Students deserve a fair press, where they can write about reasonable problems or issues in the school without the school trashing their work for a two-dimensional dream of a better reputation. Schools have been abusing their control of the press, and have been refusing to publish realistic articles that can put the school in a bad light. There needs to be a basic set of policies or rules that can govern the press, and limit it from losing control, while also limiting the school from biasly ruining the press.

So, students and schools should have limited speech because both parties have shown lack of responsibility, and need to be kept in check. Schools have legitimate reasons to not publish articles, and students need to actually put work into their articles and keep them school-friendly.

An example of schools trying to abuse their sparsely given rights, was shown after a Florida student wrote a column that criticized rap music, and talked about the role models it created. The school forbid her from writing anymore articles, because of her “racial insensitivity”. BUT SHE NEVER MENTIONED RACE IN HER COLUMN.

Students have also abused their freedom though, as in several cases, students have blindly published articles that disgraced or offended other students. Unthoughtful articles can also disrupt learning.

So there has been quite a lot of disappointing actions with the schools and students. Both need to be prevented for the better experience of the school press. So think about how the press could be so much improved if there was truth, but not any added drama and cruelty.





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