World War II

The Holocaust

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Gas Chamber

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Gas Chamber

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Jeanine Burk

What are we doing to help the survivors?

Even in the early 21st century, the legacy of the Holocaust endures. Swiss government and banking institutions have in recent years acknowledged their complicity with the Nazis and established funds to aid Holocaust survivors and other victims of human rights abuses, genocide or other catastrophes.

what does Holocaust mean?

The word “Holocaust,” from the Greek words “holos” (whole) and “kaustos” (burned), was historically used to describe a sacrifice burned on an altar. Since 1945, the world has taken on a new and horrible meaning: the mass murder of some 6 million jewish peoples (as well as members of some other persecuted groups, such as Gypsies and homosexuals) by the German Nazi regime during the Second World War.