Debit Cards

Deposit Controls

You make an end list number of deposits into your account.

Visa Debit card ATM Transaction

You may go into your accounts by ATM at a fair pulse using you Visa debit card and your personal identification pin number to:

  • Withdraw cash from checking.
  • Get balance information about checking.
  • Debit card transactions are limited to $300.00 per day.

Debit Recourse Fee

A monthly fee will be applied to your account of $1.50.

Debit Transaction Fee

When applicable,an ATM/debit fee will be charged when a transaction occurs at ATM machines we do not own $1.50 per transaction.

Some of these services may not be available at all computers.

Visa Debit Card Point of Sale Transaction.

You may get in your checking account if you use your Visa debit card by the stuff you buy.

  • Purchase goods in person,by phone,or online.
  • Pay for the stuff for the service in person,by phone,or online.

What Should you do When you get a Receipts

Always save your ATM receipts.Don't leave them at the ATM or night deposits.They may contain important account information.

Krystal Torres