Mobile Apps for Learning

Apps for the classroom setting

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is an iOS app used for taking notes and also writing assignments. With this app students can collaborate with one another to work on assignments and take notes. This app helps teach students to be more organized and keep track of the things they need to do for specific classes.

In the classroom, the teacher could also create notebook for specific subjects for the students to work on together.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an app used to place all google products, documents, slides, apps from google, into one area. It can be uses to distribute content, and making it easier for students to have all the information they need for a class in one area.

In the classroom, teachers can use google docs to give out content to all students so if a student missed a class they can still have access to the content. Also teachers and students can share work and collaborate with others.


Prezi is used to delivery presentations in different ways, text, images, and videos. It lets students collaborate with one another to work on the assignment from different computers. Makes group work much more easier

In the classroom, teachers can watch over the work of the students to make sure they are doing what they need to do. They can also make sure the content that is being put into the presentation is appropriate.


It is an eReading app, that lets teachers make reading a group thing. With this app teachers can put "questions, discussion prompts, polls, videos, and web links" into the texts to help students concentrate on the important aspects of the book. Students can also add comments and questions to the book if they need help.

This app can make reading much easier in the classroom, and it can make the books more accessible because there are times where the school does not have enough books for students, this makes sure that all students have a chance to read and participate in class.


Kahoot is an app that is used to make quizzes used in the classroom as a afferent way to engage and test students understanding of the content learned.

In the classroom setting, this app is good for teachers to keep track of the students development and engage students.