Lives of Soldiers and Civilians

Lives of Soldiers and Civilians during the Civil War

Lives of the soldiers

The life of a soldiers was very hard, a lot of the soldiers got sick during the war and got shot and weren't treated because they were left behind.

Lives of the soldiers: Diseases

Some of the Diseases the soldiers were smallpox, typhoid fever, malaria, and even more. Also if people got wounded badly they would have limbs amputated and could possibly get infections because of it. Also some of the infections weren't treatable.

Lives of the civilians

During the Civil War civilian live was very different from now. People were joining the war every day and people were mourning over their loved one's death. A lot of people had to leave their town because of battles.

Lives of the civilians: volunteers

A lot of Men and Women volunteered in the war (like in the picture to the right). Some jobs the women got were cooks and nurses back at camps. Men helped in the fighting during the war.

Lives of the soldiers: fighting

It was hard to fight during the Civil War because a lot of people were young and people were dying all around them. People were sick and there weren't enough doctors and nurses to treat all the people fighting in the war.

Lives of the doctors and nurses

Being a doctor was hard because there were a lot of wounded people. A lot of the doctor stations were very poorly built, but if they were lucky and they were in a town they didn't have to build their own stations. Modern medicine is very different then it was in the Civil War, back during the Civil War they amputated a lot of people and just cleaned wounds they didn't give everyone things to help with their health.