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Some terms you should know before your case:

plaintiff- a person who brings a case against another in court.

defendant- someone being sued in a court of law.

complaint- a statement that an action is unfair

summons- an order to appear in court before a judge

pleadings- the formal statement of the cause of an action or crime

pretrial conference- a meeting of the judge and the lawyers to discuss what information should be brought before the jury.

mediation- intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it

arbitration- the use of an arbitrator to settle a dispute.

trial- a formal examination of evidence before a judge.

preponderance of evidence- the greater weight of evidence required in a case for the judge to be in favor of one party over the other.

verdict- a decision on a civil case: guilty or not guilty

appeal- to apply to a higher court to reverse a lower court's decision

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