types of alternative credit

derek neuberger

types of alternative credit

auto loan

describe this type of credit

it is a loan that establishes customer credit that is granted for personal use.

how are interest rates and fees calculated

it is calculated by your credit history, types of interest rates, and debt to income rate.

what is the average APR and/or fees paid

the average 48 month new car loan is 4.16%

what are the sources of this type of credit

car company, bank

provide an example of a company in your community or media that provides this credit?

Ollenburg motors, Pritchard family auto

when might a consumer seek this type of credit?

when they are getting a vehicle.

what are two advantages of this credit

it has more flexable payments, it also has low initial interest rates.

what are two disadvantages of this credit?

it might have hidden fees depending on the dealership, also dealers aren't looking for the best deal for you.

what are three alternatives consumers should consider before using this credit?

credit card, bank. credit union

cite your research with at least two reputable sources