Decomposing Fractions

Dr. Wise: 4th Grade

I can decompose fractions in multiple ways

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Here are ways to decompose 5/8ths

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Your Turn to Practice:

Play a matching game to match up the decomposed fractions.
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Student Assignments:

1. Rotate on the computers to do the digital practice on decomposing fractions

2. Independently complete the cut and past decomposing fractions worksheets

3. Rotate on computers to create a Buncee about decomposing fractions, work in small groups, each of you do a slide of your own, make sure you have a title page, and link your buncee to the linoit.

4. Centers:

Task Cards on Decomposing Fractions

Dry Erase Poster on Decomposing Fractions

Valentine's Day Themed Poster on Decomposing Fractions

Teacher Recommended Center

5. Small Groups with Dr. Wise

Decomposing Fraction Digital Practice

Students will rotate on a computer to work in pairs to complete this assignment.

Post Your Buncee Here: Decomposing Fractions

Students will rotate on the computers in pairs to complete the assignment.

What do I do when I am done with everything? Centers


Make your own memory game on decomposing fractions.

Make a poster that is Valentine's themed on showing ways to decompose fractions.

Complete the task cards on decomposing fractions

Teacher recommended center

Digital Center:

Use your dry erase board to answer the questions below.
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