Plate Tectonics by Peighton Hannon

This is a project about plate tectonics

Essay with all the info that you need to know about plate tectonics and more.

There are three layers of the Earth. There's the crust, the mantle, and the core. The crust is beneficial to us. It is basically braces for the world. It supports all life. The mantle is also crucial to us because it supports the plates and helps move convection move. convection is just when hot air rises up. The core is very important because it moves fluids all inside of it. These fluids make a magnetic field which is helpful to our magnetosphere. The magnetosphere protects us from cosmic rays. So as you can imagine it is very important. The mantle is basically just made out of many tectonic plates. Tectonic plates are everywhere and they move in all different directions. This brings me to my next point on plate boundaries. There are four different plate boundaries which are divergent (not the movie), transform, convergent continental, and convergent with subduction. Divergent boundaries basically make the plates slide away from each other which will create seafloor spreading and rift valleys.Transform boundaries make the plates slip past eachother in separate ways which makes fault lines and earthquakes. Convergent continental boundaries make the plates slide towards each other which forces the land up creating mountains and volcanoes. Convergent with subduction is where one plate slides under the other because the other plate is pushing it down and in return the creates trenches. The Ring or Fire could be an example of convergent boundaries because there is a lot of volcanic activity there. A good example of divergent boundaries is seafloor spreading. Basically all seafloor spreading is, is when the continents drift away from each other and then magma (hot lava) rises from the ground and cools quickly making new sea floor which pushes the old sea floor outwards. This is continental drift. Harry Hess discovered this theory which basically is when sea floor spreading happens it expands and proves continental drift. Convection helps with plate movement because heat moves upwards and cold air gets pushed down so the heated plates move up which pushes the cool plate down underneath it which is subduction. There is a theory of pangea and this as made by Alfred Wegener. He also proved continental drift because scientists found identical fossils on two different continents and he noticed that the continents fit together like puzzle pieces. If you have any questions of what the plates look like and where the boundaries are fear not because there are pictures below of each!